Discount policy

1. Quantity-Based Discount:

  • Purpose: This discount is designed to reward you for purchasing multiple pieces of the same design.
  • How It Works: For each additional piece of the same design you order, a 1% discount is applied to the unit price of that specific design.
  • This means if you order three pieces of a design, the second piece gets a 1% discount, and the third piece gets a 2% discount.
  • Limitations: The maximum discount you can receive for any single design is capped at 10%. This limit is in place even if you order more than 10 pieces of that design.

2. Total Order-Based Discount:

  • Purpose: This discount is to appreciate and incentivize larger total order values.
  • How It Works: For every increment of €5,000 you spend on your total order, you receive an additional 2% discount on the entire order value.
  • For instance, if your total order is €10,000, you're eligible for a 4% discount on that amount.
  • Limitations: The maximum discount you can avail of using this method is 10%.

Combining Both Discounts:

  • One of the significant advantages of our discount system is that both these discounts can be applied together. This means you can benefit from both the quantity-based and total order-based discounts simultaneously, maximizing your savings.
  • For instance, if you order multiple pieces of a design (qualifying for the quantity-based discount) and your total order exceeds €5,000 (qualifying for the total order-based discount), both discounts will be applied to your final invoice.

Checkout Note:

Due to technical constraints, both discounts might not be visible or applied together during the checkout process on the website. However, we have a solution for this. Once you place your order, our team will manually adjust and apply all eligible discounts. We will then send you a final order confirmation file via email, detailing the adjusted total. We kindly ask you to review and confirm this final order before we proceed with production.