About Us

At Bosphorus Brilliance, we're not just diamond jewelry producers; we're visionaries in the world of elegant adornments. Our designs, born from a unique blend of minimalism and creativity, stand distinctively apart from the commonplace. When you encounter our pieces, words like 'simple', 'unique', and 'elegant' immediately come to mind.

Our commitment goes beyond just crafting beautiful jewelry. We prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising on the uniqueness and creativity of each piece. This balance ensures that every item we produce carries both value and artistry.

We recognize that our clients have unique requirements. Whether it's securing exclusive rights to our designs in certain regions or crafting specialized partnerships, we're open to discussions and flexible arrangements. Our door is open to all - whether you're an individual boutique owner, part of a vast retail chain, or a discerning wholesaler.

While Bosphorus Brilliance may be a fresh name in the industry, our roots run deep. Our team, seasoned with experience from leading companies, brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. And with the guidance of a co-founder who has a track record of launching successful ventures, we're poised to redefine the B2B jewelry experience.

Our minimum order value is set at a welcoming 5,000 euros, inviting businesses of various scales to collaborate with us. Moreover, our tailored discount structure, based on order quantity and total amount, ensures that the best orders receive the best prices.

Bosphorus Brilliance is more than just a Turkish jewelry company. We represent a new era of B2B interactions, promising an unparalleled experience in both product and partnership.